Sleeping Stones


Game developed with Rudy Ramillien, Dimitri Millange, Aurélien Scapa, Michaël Breyton, Guillaume Saby, Mathieu Tabory, Malick Spencer Lopes, Mélanie Grosmangin and Simon Trucchi

In brief:
– 6-month student pre-production
– 10 people
– platform / puzzle
– Unity 3D / Wwise

Audio features:
– audio-visual synchronization (particles and camera shakes driven by audio)
– audio scripting
– specific 3D sound system in accordance with the complex camera system
– occlusion and obstruction system (with boxes and ray tracing)
– environmental effects with smooth transitions between the areas
– sound design of foreground elements (mainly whooshes caused by objects that move quickly in front of the camera). The sound volumes (among other things) of these objects depend on the speed of the camera.
– dynamic music (real-time 3D spatialized music experimentations, trigger based adaptive music, …)

Game Document:
Game Doc – PDF (from pages 99 to 129)
– including 30 pages about the audio of the project
– french only, sorry.

Video walkthrough – Mine:
– the audio clicks and distortions are due to the video capture

Video walkthrough – Controller:
– the audio clicks and distortions are due to the video capture
– the constant shimmering sound that you can hear sometimes in this video was a bug of the crystals sounds system that we couldn’t reproduce without video capture


Desperate Robots

touttoutGame developed with Laetitia Meyerfeld, Christian Nasr and Loïc Ramboanasolo

– Indie Speed Run 48-hour game jam

In brief:
Desperate Robots is a game about the whole sad ecosystem behind used toys. Play a vintage robot trying to escape the deadly supply chain…and take advantage of it and of the poor toys that weren’t as lucky as you. A deadly chain, for a morbid but toy-ful ecosystem.


Audio features:
– music (adaptive and partially generative)
– sound design
– sound implementation (Unity + Wwise)

Audio walkthrough:

– the bars of the music are played randomly

gameid_148_Sans titre 7Download the game