Desperate Robots

touttoutGame developed with Laetitia Meyerfeld, Christian Nasr and Loïc Ramboanasolo

– Indie Speed Run 48-hour game jam

In brief:
Desperate Robots is a game about the whole sad ecosystem behind used toys. Play a vintage robot trying to escape the deadly supply chain…and take advantage of it and of the poor toys that weren’t as lucky as you. A deadly chain, for a morbid but toy-ful ecosystem.


Audio features:
– music (adaptive and partially generative)
– sound design
– sound implementation (Unity + Wwise)

Audio walkthrough:

– the bars of the music are played randomly

gameid_148_Sans titre 7Download the game


Hospital Beats

Hospital Beats

Game developed with Arthur Prudent, Emmanuel Aubert and Corentin Pruvost

– Global Game Jam 2013
– 48 hours of development
– flash web browser game

In brief:
Hospital Beats is a single player game with multiplayer component (by persistence). It’s a fast-actions based management game in which the player must regule the patients heartbeats. When he loses too much patients, he goes mad, has an heart attack and turn into of the patients that the next player wil have to take care of. To play the game, a mouse wheel and headphones are needed.

screenshotAudio features:
– a lot of sound assets to produce and a very low memory budget (web browser game)
– very tiny sound loops

Play to the game

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